Athletic Scholarship University

Step-by-Step to an Athletic Scholarship

Jon Fugler, CEO Recruit-Me & Athletic Scholarship U

Athletic Scholarship University is a 6-module on-demand course where I lead you step-by-step, all the way to an athletic scholarship.

Experience these benefits:


1. You’ll have access to my teaching by video with detailed steps of action and in-depth instruction. On demand, so it’s on your schedule.

2. You receive a textbook so you can have a blueprint for your scholarship. And a workbook.

3. You’ll have homework assignments so you really get things done and make progress.

4. You’ll get all the Recruit-Me tools I’ve developed over the years.

5. You’ll have access to college coach interviews so you hear directly from them. This is a gold mine.

6. You’ll have access to interviews with parents who have succeeded at this.

7. You’ll get in-depth interviews with athletic scholarship coaches who work one-on-one with families.

8. You’ll have interaction with me. I’ll be available through a private email address to answer questions and give counsel along the way.

You get lifetime access for just a one-time payment.


Athletic Scholarship University


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